"This book should be compulsory reading for everyone. It is easy reading; your explanations and examples are really good…they very quickly explained lots to me. I couldn’t stop reading it. There are so many opportunities if we are all prepared to engage in some way to this move forward. It’s important we are nudged to keep thinking more broadly, to reflect on what we hear/read and do, on what we’ve seen, and allow ourselves to think maybe there are newer, better methods. You really are on to something…keep writing!!!!" ~ Elaine Robb, CEO, Encompass Community Services
"Isabel Wu takes you on a journey from the beginning of change and those who faced it, through more recent periods and its impact on human work life, ending on how each of us could better approach current digital changes we now face. Using stories to empathise how change has and will affect us all, The Michelangelo Project offers the reader a better pathway to approaching, responding to and considering their current digital challenges, and how to benefit from them. One thing is constant, and that is change." ~ Russell Bode, Managing Director, Inzenius
“SmileyWorld has been a leader in innovation for almost 5 decades. The Michelangelo Project gives a deft description of the skills organisations will need to stay innovative in the decades to come.” ~Nicolas Loufrani, Beloved Leader at The Smiley Company

“What’s your career goal?” A question we are frequently asked in job interviews, performance reviews, in conversation, even with strangers, and we often ask of ourselves.

That the job has anything to do with what you want is one of history’s biggest and most enduring lies.
We enter our working years with ideas of meaningful endeavour, that it will provide everything for a well-lived life: income, friendships, learning, participation and achievement. None was a factor in the design or evolution of jobs which were, and are still are, designed for the enrichment of the corporation.
Today we are no longer willing to accept that people get what’s left after enterprises have taken their cut. We see it in the push for work that fulfils, is secure and sustainable and offers achievements worth pursuing.
Except, we don’t know how to make this happen. Training and education has taught us how to please our employers, but not the skills to do work for our human purposes.
Add to this the fact that the skills needed for working in the digital era aren’t being adequately taught, and it adds up to people having fewer choices in work or doing work that leaves them feeling lost, stuck, insecure and undervalued.

The Michelangelo Project is the answer to the questions you have about why your work isn’t the purpose-driven, fulfilling experience you dreamed of, and what you can do about it.

Isabel has woven a career out of jobs in hospitality, administration, retail, tourism, recruitment, sales, management, training, human resources and eventually setting up her own management consultancy.

Despite the support and opportunities that enabled her career changes, she would inevitably become frustrated and leave. Finally, she took time out to figure out why she, and obviously so many others, felt so disengaged by work.

The Michelangelo Project is the result of this research in which Isabel unravels the history behind our enslavement to jobs.

Isabel lives in Melbourne, Australia where she plans to open a centre to bridge the gap between traditional education and the skills needed for careers of the future.

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